Abu Dhabi Police: Saif bin Zayed Academy trains police dogs in explosive detection
Abu Dhabi Police: Saif bin Zayed Academy trains police dogs in explosive detection (image courtesy: facebook)

Abu Dhabi: The Police Force of Abu Dhabi has felt delighted while announcing the recent achievement of their personnel.

As per the latest update, Saif bin Zayed Academy for Police Sciences and Security, under the General Command of the Abu Dhabi Police, carried out a specialized course on explosive detection by police dogs at the Regional Institute for Security Inspection K9 in cooperation with the French Ministry of Interior.

The search was conducted using the best training methods for explosive detection in security tasks and knowledge transfer, the update by the police informed.

Accordingly, Major General Thani Bati Al-Shamsi, Director of the Saif Bin Zayed Academy for Police Sciences and Security, emphasized the importance of the role of police dogs in combating crime and actively participating in promoting the security and security march, stopping the traces of criminals, and performing many security tasks.

He explained that the tasks and specialities of police dogs had expanded significantly by employing modern technologies in training dogs on detection and remote search skills, which are used in various security areas, including drug and weapon detection, scavenging and burglaries.

The Director of the Security Inspection Department, General Jamal Habash, assured the applied scenarios, the Abu Dhabi Police is keen to leverage the experiences and successful experiences of police dog trainers, security and police institutions in utilizing them and providing appropriate solutions to face challenges related to training, inspection and veterinary care.

The Police Force has also informed that the Abu Dhabi Police Criminals Patrol Management Team has won first place individuals and teams at the historic Windsor Palace Royal Garden in the UK in collaboration with the Sail Stables; the cavalry team features 29 military teams from different countries in a competition aimed at boosting the teams’ readiness Policing, readiness, raising fitness levels and community engagement to achieve strategic goals.

Many locals have expressed their feelings and poured congratulations on the team for its achievement.


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