Abu Dhabi

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ADhabi’s Population Soars to 3.79 Million: Census 2023 Highlights Economic and Demographic Growth

The latest census data indicates a gender disparity within the population, with males constituting 67% (2,541,465 individuals) and females making up the remaining 33% (1,248,395 individuals)

Marvel-Inspired Monster Trucks Set to Thrill Abu Dhabi at Monster Jam Showdown

Six mammoth off-roaders, weighing 12,000 pounds and standing four meters tall on massive wheels, will dazzle with jaw-dropping moves. Marvel-inspired names like Black Panther, Thor, Spider-Man, Grave Digger, El Toro Loco, and Megalodon headline the lineup, promising epic action

Dubai Implements Comprehensive Ban on Single-Use Bags to Combat Plastic Pollution

The new regulation is part of a broader initiative to minimize plastic waste and encourage a culture of recycling within the community. The ban, which follows Dubai’s earlier phase-out of single-use plastic bags six months ago, aims to significantly reduce the city’s environmental footprint

Historic Performance by Sistine Chapel Choir Leaves Abu Dhabi in Awe

For the first time in history, the Pope's personal choir ventured into the United Arab Emirates, gracing the shores of Abu Dhabi with their melodic presence

UAE Sets New Guinness World Record with Liwa Landmark Sign

This Hollywood-style marker, announced by the Abu Dhabi Media Office on Wednesday, has officially been recognized by the Guinness World Records, surpassing previous record-holders with its impressive stature

UAE Braces for Scorching Temperatures as Mercury Soars to 48ºC

The NCM has warned about extreme temperatures, especially in coastal and internal areas. Al Ain is expected to experience humidity levels of up to 80 percent, while Gasyoura will see humidity reach up to 60 percent