Flydubai to further inspect engine after Kathmandu flight catches fire
Flydubai to further inspect engine after Kathmandu flight catches fire (image credits: Google)

Flydubai released a statement following a video that went viral showcasing a technical failure in a flight that took from Kathmandu on Monday. The air carrier added that the fire occurred after a bird hit the plane; however, they said they would further inspect the engine.

The flight that was carrying 167 passengers landed safely at the Dubai International Airport following the sudden fire.


A Flydubai Spokesperson added that Flight FX 576 landed normally at the DXB airport following the technical issue upon taking off from Kathmandu. The plane is a Boeing 737-800 craft.

According to a statement by the airline, “After following the standard operating procedure, the flight crew determined that the engine was within normal operating parameters as well as continued the onward journey to Dubai. Further inspection of the engine is being carried out.”

Flydubai assured its customers that flights to Kathmandu Airport are operating to schedule. Nepal, which is known for its mountainous terrain, has a history of deadly air crashes. The country suffered its worst air disaster in 30 years in January this year when an ATR 72 aircraft operated by Yeti Airlines crashed, killing all 72 people on board.
The investigation into the recent flydubai incident is ongoing, and more details are expected to emerge once the technical committee releases its findings.
Soon after the plane took off, many people recorded videos and posted them on social media. As per the social media users, the plane caught fire soon after taking off from Kathmandu. The tail of the plane can be seen flickering with fire in some of the videos.

“Flydubai plane flight no. FZ576 caught fire in the engine and circled around the sky of Kathmandu just minutes after takeoff. They are trying to safe-land, and as per the aviation authority, flight has been redirected towards Dhading. Hoping as well as praying for all passenger and crew’s safety,” tweeted a user named Nirwan Luitel on Monday.

Notably, Fly Dubai is a low-cost air carrier managed and owned by the Emirati government.


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