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Eid Al Adha Scorcher: UAE Hits Hottest Temperature of the Year at 49.4°C

The UAE's weather extremes continued into July 2023, marking the first instance temperatures surpassed the 50°C mark, with a scalding 50.1°C recorded on consecutive days, July 15 and 16, in Bada Dafas, also situated in the Al Dhafra Region

Dubai Courts Ease Travel Restrictions for Divorced Parents and Children

The reforms, announced on Thursday, coincide perfectly with the onset of the Eid Al Adha holidays and the summer vacation period. They promise to enhance family welfare and reduce the psychological stress associated with travel approvals

UAE Athlete Who Once Weighed 100kg Now Aces Marathons Worldwide

Determined to change his life, AlShehhi embarked on a rigorous physical regimen, initially focusing on short-distance runs. His turning point came in 2014 when a billboard advertising a marathon in Ras Al Khaimah caught his eye

UAE: Al Nuaimiya Area in Ajman Reports Zero Violent Crimes in First Quarter

Violent crimes, which include murder, non-negligent manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault, are crucial components of the Crime Index used to assess law enforcement activity and community safety levels

Dubai’s Creative Renaissance: Entrepreneurship Flourishes in Fashion, Design, and Culinary Arts

Dubai's allure as a fashion capital is undeniable, drawing aspiring designers like Tejasvi Sandeep Gurjar, a recent graduate of Amity University Dubai. Inspired by her upbringing in the UAE, Tejasvi dreams of launching her own clothing line blending Indo-western styles

Dubai Eases Travel Rules for Divorced Parents, Facilitating Child Custody Procedures

These hurdles included obtaining a judge's approval and a time-consuming process to temporarily lift any travel bans imposed on the child. Such procedures often caused delays and frustrations for families navigating the complexities of post-divorce arrangements