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Sharjah Authorities Activate Safety Measures Amid Weather Concerns

With concerns over the forecasted adverse weather, authorities have announced the activation of the distance learning system in all private schools and higher education institutions across the emirate for Tuesday and Wednesday (April 16 and 17)

UAE Ravaged by Heavy Rains and Hail; Landslides Trigger Collapse of Two Roads in Northern Emirates

The abrupt shift in weather patterns caught many by surprise, as the UAE is more accustomed to its arid climate and sporadic rainfall. However, the intensity of this thunderstorm has raised concerns among residents and authorities alike

Ernest Hilaire congratulates awardees of Gimies 2024, lauds their contribution

Dr Ernest Hilaire extended wishes to the winners of the “The Gimies- Saint Lucia Tourism Awards” which was held on Saturday.

China Confirms Arrival of Electric Vehicles and Flying Cars in UAE, Strengthening Bilateral Relations

With the UAE celebrating the 40th anniversary of its bilateral relationship with China, Boqian highlighted the mutual growth witnessed in various sectors, particularly in new and renewable energy and futuristic transport

Dubai-Born Badminton Prodigy Tanisha Crasto Secures Spot at 2024 Paris Olympics

Teaming up with the experienced Ponnappa, a former World Championship bronze medalist, Crasto has quickly ascended the ranks, defying expectations and leaving a trail of victories in their wake

Mc Claude Emmanuel chooses national needs over competition

Mc Claude Emmanuel making a structure for Citizenship by Investment Programme as per the necessity of Saint Lucia.