Amanda Knox slams Matt Damon’s “Stillwater” for using her story without her consent!

Amanda Knox has claimed that Matt Damon and Tom McCarthy, with the movie “Stillwater,” are profiting off of her story and face without her consent.

In 2007, writer and journalist Amanda Knox was wrongly convicted in the murder case of her roommate Meredith Kurcher, and after spending four years in an Italian prison, she was acquitted as there was no sufficient evidence. Ever since, even after being innocent, Knox’s name has been negatively associated with the case.


In a series of tweet on Thursday, Amanda called out Matt Damon’s new movie “Stillwater” for using her story to make money and negatively addressing her in the story. Amanda tweeted, “Does my name belong to me? My face? What about my life? My story? Why does my name refer to events I had no hand in? I return to these questions because others continue to profit off my name, face & story without my consent. Most recently, the film #STILLWATER”

Amanda also called media outlets such as Variety, New York Times, Deadline and other, for defining the movie as “Amanda Knox Saga,” and wrongly referring her as a convicted murderer. She wrote, “This new film by director Tom McCarthy, starring Matt Damon, is “loosely based” or “directly inspired by” the “Amanda Knox saga,” as Vanity Fair put it in a for-profit article promoting a for-profit film, neither of which I am affiliated with.”

Defining what “the Amanda Knox saga” should be associated with, Knox said that it refers to the “events that resulted from the murder of Meredith Kercher by a burglar named Rudy Guede… (it refers to) hoddy police work, prosecutorial tunnel vision, and refusal to admit their mistakes that led the Italian authorities to wrongfully convict me, twice.”

At last, Knox wishes “nothing more than for people to refer to the events in Perugia as “The murder of Meredith Kercher by Rudy Guede,” which would place me as the peripheral figure I should have been, the innocent roommate.”


Later, Amanda pointed Matt Damon’s interview bits where he talked about Knox’s story in an interview. Countering Damon’s words, Amanda wrote, “Let me stop you right there. That story, my story, is not about an American woman studying abroad “involved in some kind of sensational crime.” It’s about an American woman NOT involved in a sensational crime, and yet wrongfully convicted.”

And if you’re going to “leave the Amanda Knox case behind,” and “fictionalize everything around it,” maybe don’t use my name to promote it.  You’re not leaving the Amanda Knox case behind very well if every single review mentions me,” continued Knox. “You’re not leaving the Amanda Knox case behind when my face appears on profiles and articles about the film.”

Knox said that she can forgive all this, but not the fictionalization of the story in Stillwater, where her character is shown to “have a sexual relationship with her murdered roommate,” and the “corruption and ineptitude of the authorities” have been erased. 

Stating the ending of the movie, Knox said, “Turns out, she (Knox) asked the killer to help her get rid of her roommate. She didn’t mean for him to kill her, but her request indirectly led to the murder. How do you think that impacts my reputation?”


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