Dubai: Nanny sentenced to 3 months for recording lewd scenes with 3-yr-old

Dubai court of the first instance has announced a sentence of three months to a nanny for recording indecent video of a baby and then further sharing it with her boyfriend.  

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Dubai court of the first instance has announced a sentence of three months to a nanny for recording indecent video of a baby and then further sharing it with her boyfriend.  

The incident happened more than once; the lady used to record inappropriate videos of the three-year-old baby and then sent them to her boyfriend via the platform Whatsapp, as per the information present in the official record. 


On the other end, according to the testimony statement of the 3-year-old’s mother, one day, she caught the accused sitting on a chair, with her daughter, after midnight, as per police records. She saw a video clip in which the nanny was in a sexually offensive scene with her daughter, after which she immediately reported the incident to the police station of Al Barsha. 

Meanwhile, the accused admitted her crime of recording lewd scenes with the baby girl and then sending them to her partner. The sentence of three months in jail for the lady will be followed by deportation. The ruling will be subject to appeal within 15 days.

According to the law of the United Arab Emirates, posting pictures that depict nudity pornography as well as the drunken state of an individual is considered as a very serious offence and is against the moral values of Islam. 

Article 17 of UAE states the ones who will disseminate such posts must be punished by imprisonment and a fine (to be not less than AED 250,000 and not in excess of AED 500).  

While the Middle East country is not having any legal age of consent for sexual activities as marriage is legally required before sexual intercourse is permitted.

Lewd and lascivious conduct is defined as a sexual act which is offensive to the community standards of decency. It usually involves a child. Physical penetration is not required. It is a type of sex crime often charged as a – felony sex offence. 



Tariq Saeed


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