President Shiekh Mohamed launches new office of Citizens and Community Affairs

The President of the United Arab Emirates has made a new office which aims at raising the living standards of citizens and residents of the country.

The President of the United Arab Emirates has made a new office which aims at raising the living standards of citizens and residents of the country.

The Citizens and Community Affairs Office will also be a part of the Presidential Court and will be having its headquarters in Abu Dhabi.


More branches of the office could also be set up both in as well as outside of the Emirates. The federal decree, which forms the body, sets out its major functions, which will include executing policies relating to the well-being of citizens and community affairs and launching projects which strive to boost the quality of living for the citizens and promote good behaviour.

The office will operate with federal and local authorities to carry out the president’s directives in regard to people and the wider community.

Sheikh Mohammed allocated a decree appointing Saif Ali Saif Al Qubaisi as director of the head office with the rank of under-secretary.

The Presidential Court was previously the Ministry of Presidential Affairs.

Sheikh Mohamed authorised a decree changing its name.

As per the decree, the responsibilities, tasks as well as roles stay the same.


It further stated that the Minister of Presidential Affairs will be known as the Minister of the Presidential Court and that the word ‘court’ should be used instead of ‘ministry’.

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed acts as Deputy Prime Minister as well as the Minister of the Presidential Court.

The office will inform to Sheikh Mansour in line with his position as Minister of the Presidential Court.

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed is the 3rd president of the Emirates, and he recently became the president after the demise of his half-brother Sheikh Khalifa in May 2022.

Tariq Saeed

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