Dubai Man Sentenced to Death for Killing European Girlfriend

An Arab man has been sentenced to death by the Dubai Criminal Court for the brutal murder of his European girlfriend. The incident unfolded in July 2020, revealing a tragic tale of revenge and a tumultuous relationship gone awry

An Arab man has been sentenced to death by the Dubai Criminal Court for the brutal murder of his European girlfriend. The incident unfolded in July 2020, revealing a tragic tale of revenge and a tumultuous relationship gone awry.

The investigation unveiled a series of disturbing events leading up to the heinous crime. It is reported that the accused took the life of his former girlfriend in an act of revenge after she expressed her desire to end their relationship, citing her involvement with another person.


The horrifying discovery began when a resident in their shared building reported a disturbance on the seventh floor to the vigilant security guard. Upon investigation, the guard found blood near the staircase, prompting immediate action.

Unable to open the stair door, the guard approached from another floor, only to discover the victim lying in a pool of blood. Swiftly, the Dubai Police were notified of the gruesome crime.

A police officer revealed that an investigative team meticulously collected evidence from the crime scene, ultimately leading to the identification and apprehension of the accused near a shopping mall.

Shockingly, the accused confessed to the crime, unravelling a tale of obsession, manipulation, and deadly consequences.

According to reports from AlKhaleej, the accused admitted to a relationship with the victim dating back to 2017.

The situation escalated when he discovered her interactions with others through social media. Despite her attempts to end the relationship and leave the country to escape his threats, the victim returned to Dubai after two years.


In a disturbing sequence of events, the accused located her attempted reconciliation and lent her money.

However, upon discovering her involvement with another person, a verbal altercation ensued, leading to the victim’s decision to end the relationship once again.

Driven by anger and a desire for revenge, the accused gained entry into her apartment. Threats with a knife and tools followed, with a final, fatal assault on the building’s stairs when she resisted.

This tragic tale of love turned deadly serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of toxic relationships and the devastating consequences of unchecked emotions.

As the court delivers its verdict, the community grapples with the repercussions of a senseless act that has left a young life extinguished and shattered the illusion of love.


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Tariq Saeed


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