Dubai: 12-year-old boy becomes youngest student to be accepted by University

Dubai's 12-year-old student becomes the youngest one to be accepted by the University in UAE.

Dubai’s 12-year-old student becomes the youngest one to be accepted by the University in UAE.

Adam El Rafey is believed to be the youngest one to enrol at the school as a freshman at the University of Wollongong in Dubai.


The 12-year-old young teenager will be studying a media course at University while completing his studies at Jumeirah English Speaking School.

Adam El Rafey was always a bright student in his studies. When he was four years old, he attended primary and secondary school and studied advanced physics, chemistry and biology with students four to six years older than him.

The young boy believes that age is just a number and has nothing to do with an individual’s interests and capability.

Adam El Rafey is believed to be the youngest TEDx speaker in the world. He has spoken to thousands of people about the need to reform the conventional system.

In a statement, Adam El Rafey said, “I’m super happy that the changes are being made on the subjects that I’m most passionate about. I’m so, so excited that things are finally happening.”

A twelve-year-old boy was named one of the world’s top 25 young pioneers and innovators by the Future Minds Network, an Australian organisation.


“It’s been fun during my orientation and first class, and everyone has been amazing and supportive.

“Being the youngest person to attend University in the UAE feels fantastic. Everyone was so supportive and wanted to network with me.

“I made many new friends, which would be beneficial throughout my life. It was just overall amazing.”

He will continue to study his Year 11 courses at school and spend one day of the week at University.

Adam added, “And a special thank you to my amazing school for personalising my learning journey all these years and for being so supportive the entire way through and allowing me to attend the university.”

Tariq Saeed


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