New Dubai safari park opens doors for visitors with unique pack of experiences

The new Safari Park in Dubai opens its doors to visitors on Tuesday. The Safri park offers unique experiences for families.

The new Safari Park in Dubai opens its doors to visitors on Tuesday. The Safri park offers unique experiences for families.

The new season of Safari park in Dubai will provide a wide range of excellent interactive entertainment and educational experiences and the addition of several new animals.


The new Safari park in Dubai witnessed over half a million, provides a wide range of unique interactive entertainment and educational experiences and sees the addition of several new animals.

In November, it is said that new animals will be added to the Safari Trip, which will contribute to enhancing the visitor knowledge.

The newborn baby animals will be kept in the Safari park. Visitors will see some infant animals, such as the Ankole-Watusi cow, the Eland antelope, the Arabian oryx, the Nile crocodile, and the water buffalo.

The 9 to 90 minutes of experience of the new safari park in Dubai will allow visitors to enjoy a glimpse of animals along with the animal care specialists.

The visitors will only be allowed to interact and feed the animals when animal care staff is present with them.

This 10-person package costs Dh1,450, An exclusive experience for photography fans to spend up to 3 hours on the Safari Journey private bus with a guide to take animal photos. The package for three people has been priced at Dh1,275.


This year’s visitors will enjoy the safari park’s diversity, themed with sections including the African Village, Asian Village, the Arabian Desert Safari, the Explorer Village, and the Valley area.

This package offers a unique individual adventure in the company of a private guide, who will provide information and commentary on the animals in the Park. This 10-person package starts costs Dh2,500.


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