3rd edition of DXB Snow Run held at Ski Dubai

Some Dubai residents made the best use of their winter clothes this summer by participating in the DXB Snow Run at Ski Dubai.

Some Dubai residents made the best use of their winter clothes this summer by participating in the DXB Snow Run at Ski Dubai.

The challenge, which included running a marathon in the snow, was first started in 2020. It was the first snow sports event in the world to be held after the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of its popular demand, it has emerged as a yearly event.


The 3rd edition of the DXB Snor Run was initiated at around 6:30 am on Saturday, 11 June. Runners had the option to choose between two distances of – 3km (3 laps) or 5km (5 laps).

Fitness freaks from around the UAE partake in the run.

A Lebanese ex-pat living in Fujairah, Hameed Mousa, is a frequent hiker on the Fujairah hills. The adventure and fitness enthusiast arrived in Dubai around 5 am and began to warm up for the event. Mousa stated, “I have participated in many marathons, but this was the most challenging.”

Mousa took part in the snow run for the first time and said that mental strength is more essential than physical health.

Mousa stated, “Running in the snow is quite hard compared to normal marathons. I had to push my mental capacity to reach the finish line constantly.”

The resident of Dubai, Ion Gonzaga, a Filipino citizen who has been a regular participant in fitness competitions in the country, also felt this event to be quite tricky as compared to others.


“When I entered the arena, I could not bear the cold as it was -4°C. But as I started to run, I gradually got acclimatized to the temperature,” said Gonzaga, a blogger and fitness influencer.

He stated that it was very challenging as the run had a slope around 85 metres high, and he had to consistently push himself to complete the track.

The participants got a memorial medal after crossing the finish line.

Tariq Saeed


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