Dubai court rules imprisonment for 5 men, who stole Dh600,000 from businessman’s villa

Five individuals have been pleaded guilty to stealing a sum amount of Dh600,000 from a vehicle. All of the accused have been sentenced to deportation by the Dubai Criminal Court. 

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Five individuals have been pleaded guilty to stealing a sum amount of Dh600,000 from a vehicle. All of the accused have been sentenced to deportation by the Dubai Criminal Court. 

The incident traces back to the previous year when an African national bodyguard permitted four men to enter the residence of a businessman situated in the Nad Al Sheba. The accused men then took the opportunity and stole money filled in two bags. 


The report of the Dubai police further states the victim came to know about the incident after he checked the surveillance cameras which were set up in the bungalow. He then came to know that the bodyguard was involved with the other four thieves.  

The businessman then reported the incident, after which the Dubai Police detained the bodyguard and his other two partners involved in stealing. 

Statement in the police report further informs that the guard, during the time of interrogation, admits the crime while also revealing the other two names who were with him. 

As per the claims of the guard, the businessman would gamble, adding that he had hidden two bags of cash in his car. The accused then informed the authorities that, after the stealing, he took his share of the money, which was nearly Dh150,000, and then sent the cash amount to his country. The guard then informed that the remaining stolen money was equally distributed among the other four culprits.  

The identities of culprits have not been revealed by the police officials.  

In another incident, a 35-year-old Asian ex-pat has been sentenced to imprisonment of 2 years, followed by deportation for robbing another Asian national after stabbing him with a knife. The incident happened last year in the month of May, in the area of Al Raqqa. 


The accused stabbed the Asian national in his lower abdomen and then looted Dh300 from him, the police report cites. 


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