UAE: DHA will perform surgery-free technology to treat kidney patients

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has begun using modern technology to prepare patients for dialysis through the use of catheters using sound waves and without any surgical intervention.

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has begun using modern technology to prepare patients for dialysis through the use of catheters using sound waves and without any surgical intervention.

Rashid Hospital, Dubai, performed its first operation last week with the use of this technology on a patient aged 20 whose kidneys were failed.

Doctors who are at the Vascular Surgery Department at Rashid Hospital were able to successfully use this technology. They prepared the patient for dialysis through the catheter without the need for any surgery.

Head of the medical team and Head of the Vascular Surgery Department at Rashid Hospital, Dr Deena Al Qudra, said that the patient has been suffering from kidney failure since many years.

He visited Rashid hospital, and the required tests were performed on him before he was transferred to the one-day operations department to conduct this procedure on him, which took 34 minutes under standard anaesthesia.

The procedure was an immediate success, and the patient even left the hospital within an hour of the surgery.

Dr Deena further added that a patient requires many follow-up sessions before starting the procedure of dialysis.

Dr Al Qudra stated that with the use of this technology depends on several factors related to the patient’s condition and that after a proper evaluation as well as ultrasound examinations of the veins and arteries in the patient’s arm, this technology is then used for the patient.

She also stated that 30 percent of kidney patients who require dialysis would be benefited from this technique.

This surgery-free technology will help kidney patients because they are already fragile to afford surgery on their bodies in that condition. The surgery made their body more weak, and some patients have even lost their lives while prepping for dialysis through surgery.

This procedure will now let patients a sigh of relief.


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