Dubai: DHA highlights introduction of mental health app called ‘Mindspire’

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) provided a brief introduction of the upcoming new network called "Mindspire", which is a mental health app.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Dubai Health Authority (DHA) provided a brief introduction of the upcoming new network called “Mindspire”, which is a mental health app. The highlights of the app were provided on Monday, February 14, 2022, which is being created by students from the American University of Sharjah.

This app is being designed to assist in diagnosing and treating patients with depression – which is indeed a common and key health challenge in today’s time.


The officials noted that the app is already in the final phase of development. In 2019, the app won the first prize at DHA’s Health Hackathon, since when the students are working hard on the app with the team of Dubai’s health authority.

One person will get preliminary screening, and aids in relieving their symptoms, with a focus on anonymity and tiniest interference of the user.

In terms of its working, the app will conduct unintrusive research continuously by gathering and crystallising the data to be readily available on the mobile phone of a user, such as general phone usage, specific application usage (in terms of frequency, duration & active times of the day), typing speed, emoji usage and even spell-checks.

Considering the privacy of a user, the text, calls, social media presence information is not being monitored in the app.

After this whole procedure is completed, the user then has to fill in the inputs (the thoughts and feelings into the journal available on the app (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). This data will be provided via voice notes. Besides this, the user is also required to show their general mood either by utilising a – colour wheel (Ekman’s Atlas of Emotion) or with a series of Socratic questioning (CBT recommended method).

Then with the help of Machine learning algorithms, one can detect the tone and associate a mood with journal entries, alongside revealing repetitive thinking patterns.



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