UAE: Over 4,190 fines issued in a year for parking violations

As per the official data, more than 4,190 fines have been imposed by Ras Al Khaimah traffic police for parking violations in a time frame of one year. 

Abu Dhabi, UAE: As per the official data, more than 4,190 fines have been imposed by Ras Al Khaimah traffic police for parking violations in a time frame of one year. 

United Arab Emirates‘ Traffic and Patrols Department revealing the data, stated that over 4,190 fines for parking have been issued for individuals from the time period of last year January to February 2022.

Speaking on the matter, Brigadier Ahmed Saeed Al Naqbi – the Director of Traffic and Patrols Department at Ras Al Khaimah Police, stated that the wrong parking of vehicles by the people causes confusion on the roads. 

Brigadier Al Naqbi then requested the motorists to stick by the traffic rules and only use “assigned parking spaces” to park vehicles and maintain road safety, as he highlights the significance of traffic rules. 

On the other hand, the Director of Traffic and Patrols at the Ras Al Khaimah Police stated that there are a total of six (6) violations of parking. These include – parking in the space for fire trucks, parking behind other vehicles, parking during traffic accidents, parking in the space for people of determination, and parking at the road bends. 

As per the law of the United Arab Emirates, Article 64 of the Traffic Law states a fine of Dh500 for violating the parking rules.  

Punishment for traffic rules in the United Arab Emirates: 

Reckless driving in the United Arab Emirates contains a fine of AED 2,000, 23 black points and impounding of the vehicle for a total time frame of 60 days. The same punishment and fine will apply to drivers who endanger the lives of others. 

The other violations of traffic rules include – blocking traffic, jumping red signals, sudden swerving and driving without a number plate. 

Drivers who will be caught taking drugs and alcohol will get their license suspended for a time period of one year. Meanwhile, the fine or term of imprisonment will be decided by the judge. 



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