Former Employee Sentenced for Embezzling Dh114,966 from Dubai Trading Company

The case, heard at Dubai Criminal Court, revealed that the defendant exploited his role as a driver to siphon off funds intended for the company. Instead of recording payments from clients in the official accounting system, he pocketed the money for personal gain

In a recent verdict that sent shockwaves through the business community in Dubai, a former employee of a general trading company has been convicted of embezzling Dh114,966 over a span of more than two years.

The 34-year-old Indian national, who was responsible for delivering goods to clients and collecting payments, manipulated accounting records to conceal his fraudulent activities.


The case, heard at Dubai Criminal Court, revealed that the defendant exploited his role as a driver to siphon off funds intended for the company. Instead of recording payments from clients in the official accounting system, he pocketed the money for personal gain.

His deceptive scheme went unnoticed until early 2020 when a replacement driver uncovered discrepancies between actual payments received and recorded transactions.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the defendant had systematically embezzled funds from 2017 until December 2019.

Initially confessing to embezzling Dh52,575, he later faced a more substantial amount after comprehensive audits were conducted.

The court proceedings included a detailed accounting report and testimonies from key witnesses, confirming the defendant’s culpability beyond doubt.

During the trial, a colleague of the accused testified that the defendant maintained a separate ledger but failed to integrate transactions into the company’s official records.


This discrepancy became apparent during the defendant’s absence, prompting a thorough review of financial records, which ultimately exposed the fraudulent activity.

In light of the evidence presented, the judges at Dubai Criminal Court sentenced the defendant to one month in prison, followed by deportation.

Additionally, he was fined an amount equivalent to the total sum embezzled, ensuring accountability for his actions.

Commenting on the verdict, legal experts emphasized the severity of financial crimes in the UAE, highlighting the strict penalties imposed to deter such misconduct.

The case serves as a cautionary tale for businesses, underscoring the importance of robust internal controls and regular audits to prevent and detect fraud.

The court’s decision marks a resolution to the unsettling case, providing closure for the affected company and reaffirming the UAE’s commitment to upholding financial integrity within its business landscape.

As businesses continue to navigate challenges, the case underscores the critical need for vigilance and transparency in financial practices to safeguard against potential fraud risks.

The verdict has garnered attention within Dubai’s business circles, prompting discussions on corporate governance and accountability.

It serves as a reminder that adherence to ethical standards and adherence to legal requirements is paramount in maintaining trust and stability in the marketplace.

The convicted individual’s deportation underscores the serious consequences of financial misconduct in the UAE, emphasizing the country’s zero-tolerance approach towards such offenses.

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Tariq Saeed

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