Dubai: Criminal Court sentences life imprisonment to Asian man for raping African girl

The Dubai Criminal Court sentences a 43-year-old driver to imprisonment for life for raping a passenger in the company vehicle.

The Dubai Criminal Court sentences a 43-year-old driver to imprisonment for life for raping a passenger in the company vehicle.

As per the investigation, the driver fooled the 28-year-old African girl by taking her to Al Ain city in the company’s vehicle.


As per the case details, an African girl reported a complaint to the Dubai Police stating that an Asian driver had sexually assaulted her after offering her a lift to her destination.

While recalling the mishappening, the girl said she wanted to visit Al Ain early morning on that day, so she approached the public road to find a way to reach there.

She added that while she was waiting for a mode of public transport, a pickup driver stopped by her side and asked about who she was waiting for and where she wanted to go.

The driver then told her that he would drop her at Al Ain after she told him about it, to which she agreed.

She added that she was surprised as the driver stopped by the side of the road just after a few kilometres and asked her for some sexual favour as he wanted to take advantage of the empty road.

After the sexual assault by the driver, the girl somehow managed to flee after she asked for some water, and he opened the taxi’s door, which gave her get an opportunity to get out of the pickup and run to the opposite side of the street to ask for help.


The African girl then stopped another vehicle and reported the incident to the police with the help of a female driver.

As per the police officials, an investigation team was made after the complaint that managed to locate and arrest the suspect.

The driver confessed his crime during questioning and was then sentenced to life imprisonment. He will be deported after serving his prison time.


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