Dubai: Museum of the Future to observe World Environment Day

The Museum of the Future of Dubai, which was inaugurated in February, will celebrate World Environment Day on Sunday, June 5, with the promotion of eco-friendly behaviour.

The Museum of the Future of Dubai, which was inaugurated in February, will celebrate World Environment Day on Sunday, June 5, with the promotion of eco-friendly behaviour.

Guests will be asked to make minor changes to their routine lives to protect the planet for future generations.


The United Nation’s World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5 to emphasise the significance of safeguarding the environment.

As part of its programme for Environment Day, the Museum of the Future is creating awareness regarding the things people can do in their routine lives to conserve natural resources, like using less water and choosing to travel on public transport rather than driving.

The deputy executive director of the museum, Majed Al Mansoori, stated it was making the environment a primary concern.

He stated, “We completely support World Environment Day and are taking steps to contribute to protecting the environment, like using plastic-free packaging and reusable shopping bags, and providing water dispensers to lessen the usage of plastic bottles.”

“Conserving the environment and encouraging sustainability is a top priority for us, in line with the UAE’s leadership’s directives to boost sustainable development.”

“At the Museum of the Future, we have technology to support future design and make plans to respond to the present and future challenges facing the planet,” he said.


Visitors are also able to charge their e-vehicles at the museum. Parking spaces are limited to motivate people to use the Dubai Metro, connected directly to the museum via a bridge.

The building was constructed with sustainability and acquired a large percentage of its energy through solar panels. An innovative irrigation system waters the garden, which is home to over 100 hardy species that can cope with the harsh summer climate of Dubai.

The museum also hosts several talks by members of the scientific community as part of efforts to stress environmental issues and promote debate on making a more sustainable future.

Tariq Saeed

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