Dubai restricts children under age of five to use adult swimming pools

The Health & Safety Department of Dubai Municipality announced that they barred children under the age of five from using adult swimming pools in Dubai- United Arab Emirates.

The Health & Safety Department of Dubai Municipality announced that they barred children under the age of five from using adult swimming pools in Dubai- United Arab Emirates.

The authorities requested the parents to protect and secure their home pools to prevent drowning incidents.


Moreover, the officials of the United Arab Emirates issue such safety warning through social media on a regular basis, mainly in the summer season.

The police officials have advised the individuals to install fences, a build-in swimming pool ladder and safety handrails as part of its ‘Safe Summer campaign’.

Along with this, children, especially babies, should be supervised at all times when inside or around the pool. The young 1ones should have life jackets and floats.

Parents of the young ones are urged to get the information and learn how to perform first aid, as well as are asked to avoid being distracted by mobile phones when their children are inside the pools.

They should also ensure the floor surrounding the pool is not slippery for the people.

The officials mentioned in the statement that parents’ negligence was a significant cause of child drowning accidents as well as taking such simple steps can keep children safe and secure.


According to the information, there has been a 10 percent decrease in the cases of drowning on United Arab Emirates beaches in 2020, with around 14 incidents which were reported in 2020, then to 17 in 2019.

Furthermore, ten individuals died from drowning at sea, then 12 in 2019.

In addition, in 2021, the Director of Ports Police Station, Colonel Dr Hassan Al Suwaidi, stated that most of the accidents involved individuals who did not have sufficient swimming skills or were either swimming close to rocks under water or beyond the designated swimming areas.

Tariq Saeed


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