Dubai international airport closes northern runway for 45 days amid refurbishment

The authorities of Dubai International Airport informed that one of its two runways would not operate for a time period of forty-five (45) days, that is, from May 9, 2022, onwards.

Abu Dhabi, UAE: The authorities of Dubai International Airport informed that one of its two runways would not operate for a time period of forty-five (45) days, that is, from May 9, 2022, onwards. This closure is followed for renovation work; the airport operator authorities further added on Tuesday, March 22, 2022.  

The refurbishment work of the northern runway is likely to get completed by the month of June 2022. 


Following the closure of the runway, the services have been shifted to Al Maktoum International airport, situated in Dubai city only. This decision has been taken so that the passengers do not face any delay or disruption amid the refurbishment of the runway. 

Last time, the northern runway went under construction in the year 2014, whereas the other (Southern runway) was renovated before the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, that is, in the year 2019. 

Dubai International Airport once again bagged the title of the world’s busiest airport with the arrival of more than 29 million passengers (all across the globe) during the previous year. In this number, the highest arrival of the travellers was from the Republic of India. 

“This raised number of travelling passengers is a sign that the international travel has picked up somewhat since COVID-19 pandemic spawned unprecedented global lockdowns and border closures in the year 2020”, a statement issued in the report of PTI in the month of February. 

The above-mentioned number is a 12% increase as compared to that of the 2020 year. The figures depict how the United Arab Emirates managed to overcome and revive its economy as well as the tourism sector, not completely but at least to some extent. 

Although, the number of these passengers is less than the data compared pre-pandemic. In addition, so far, more than 20 million visitors have arrived in the Middle East country to visit and enjoy mesmerizing events and pavilions at the Dubai EXPO 2020.  



Tariq Saeed

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