Dubai police arrests man for damaging hotel apartment

A resident of Dubai city was detained by the police authorities after he damaged and attempted to ignite a fire in the apartment of a hotel.

Abu Dhabi, UAE: A resident of Dubai city was detained by the police authorities after he damaged and attempted to ignite a fire in the apartment of a hotel. The individual was trying this attempt during a live video broadcast on his social media handle. Some parts of the hotel’s apartment have been damaged. 

In the live broadcast, the accused was seen conversing with two other individuals about “sorcery” and getting rid of an “evil spirit”. The Dubai police authorities arrested the man after the live broadcast. 


The individual also disclosed the hotel’s number in the live broadcast, as per the claims of the hotel official, following which he has filed a defamation complaint against the tenant. 

The official stated, “I received many strange calls after that. I answered a call from a woman who told me about the live video. I clicked on the video on Instagram and saw the man damaging the apartment”. 

As per the information revealed by Dubai police authorities, the man was creating problems from the last two months at the hotel, one of the hotel’s officials added. 

The hotel authority asserted, “He was reported to the police 11 times by residents and staff members, and he was detained twice before being released”, adding that the tenant was living on rent in the apartment from its owner. 

Another video has been released, which showed that the individual utilized the furniture to barricade the entrance door, as he claimed that the security guard of the hotel was trying to enter into his apartment. 

The police officers forcibly opened the door and detained the man, as per the statement of Dubai police. 


One of the officials of Dubai police stated, “The man was arrested and will be referred to prosecution. This is not the first time police were summoned to deal with this person.” 


Tariq Saeed


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