Dubai Police held two best friends for count of drug abuse

The criminal court of Dubai has sentenced imprisonment to two "best friends" on the count of Drug abuse. The identities have yet not been revealed of the accused.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The criminal court of Dubai has sentenced imprisonment to two “best friends” on the count of Drug abuse. The identities have yet not been revealed of the accused.

The first accused – 32-year-old, has been sentenced to imprisonment and deportation for a term of 5 years by the criminal court. The man has been held for supplying drugs to his friend. The man of Asian nationality has also been charged a fine of Dh20,000 sum amount.


The man was detained by the police authorities from his residence.

The other culprit, of age around 34 years, has been sentenced to imprisonment of 1 year by the Dubai criminal court. The investigation revealed by the police authorities states that the second accused has been arrested on the count of drug abuse.

The man was detained from his workplace establishment. The Dubai police report further reveals the man, during the interrogation, admitted that his best friend (first accused) had supplied a crystal drug substance to him, and that too without any payment.

Meanwhile, the first accused also admitted that he had supplied a drug substance to his best friend.

General Administration for Drug Control first arrested the accused from his workplace.

The sales and supplying of drug substances are strictly prohibited in the United Arab Emirates. An accused can go to jail for four years (based on the charges, it can be more).


The other counts can include: reducing minimum sentences from two years to three months for first-time drug criminals and presenting convicts rehabilitation at a detention facility separate from other prisoners.



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