Minister Dr Yasmin Fouad advocates regional collaboration for Sustainable Environmental Tourism
Minister Dr Yasmin Fouad advocates regional collaboration for Sustainable Environmental Tourism || Image Credits: Government of Egypt (Facebook)

Cairo, Egypt: The Minister of Environment, Dr Yasmin Fouad, participated in the regional workshop “Benefiting from current success towards a regional roadmap for environmental tourism” in the sister state of Jordan.

Dr Yasmin Fouad mentioned that the development and development of environmental tourism contributes to supporting national economies.


The Minister of the Environment confirmed, “The Arab lady is the main source for preserving natural resources and supporting green jobs in reserves,” adding, “We seek to adopt a new regional approach that offers a tourist model and product that maintains environmental distancing and serves the countries of the region.”

Yasmin Fouad stated that the Egyptian Ministry of the Environment is well aware of the importance of environmental tourism and its important role in supporting countries’ economies, as it has made great efforts in the field of development of environmental tourism with all international and national partners.

As per the update, the authorities are working towards sustainable tourism and maintaining environmental balance to ensure the sustainability of tourism activity and to enhance the competitiveness of the Egyptian tourist destination. This step has been taken in accordance with Egypt’s reputation as a tourist and its athletic position in the list of major tourist countries.

This came during the participation of Dr Yasmin Fouad, the Minister of the Environment, in the regional workshop held in the city of Aqaba, in the marginal kingdom of Jordan, titled “Benefiting from the current success towards a Regional Roadmap for environmental tourism”, headed by a high-level delegation organized by the Migratory Peacock Project implemented by the Environmental Affairs Device.

The Ministry of the Environment, in cooperation with Birdlife International and the United Nations Development Program and funded by the World Environment Facility, and also in cooperation with the “Project of Integration of Biodiversity in Tourism Sector in Egypt” and funded by the Global Environment Facility and implemented by the Ministry of the Environment and the United Nations Development Program

During the period from August 9 to 11, in the presence of Nayef Hamidi Al-Faiz, the head of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone, and Major General Khaled Fouda, the Governor of South Sinai, Ibrahim Khedr, the Regional Director of the Middle East Office of Birdlife International, Randa Abu Al-Hassan, the resident representative of the UN Development Program UNDP.


Dr Yasmin Fouad explained that the project of integration of biodiversity with tourism in Egypt has managed to lay down sustainability guidelines and the number of reference conditions referred to the preparation of the eco-hostel guide and the best practices guide for planning and development.

According to the official update, the ministry has also launched many promising initiatives to preserve the environment and promote environmental tourism, such as the Eco Egypt Initiative and Hakawi from its people; the project has also succeeded in securing fourth place globally in the accreditation of the Green Label Diving Centers.

Further, the Minister of the Environment noted that environmental tourism development programs in the region require working together at the regional level in the Arab region to support environmental tourism among Arab countries, especially between Egypt and Jordan, to expand and implement joint programs for birdwatching tourism between Aqaba, Sharm El-Sheikh and other multiple fields of cooperation in the field of environmental tourism.

At the end of her speech, the Minister of the Environment expressed her happiness to participate in this workshop, hoping that it will be a real launch to work together to lay out strategic visions, discuss and adopt a new regional approach to reach a tourism product that takes care of environmental distance and provides a unique model to serve the countries of the region, thanks to our sister state Jordan for hosting this workshop And for all participants and those in charge of the organization from the Jordanian and Egyptian sides.



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