Wish of 4-yr-old comes true when Dubai Police let him be an officer for a day

Police authorities paid a visit to boy's home, gifting him a uniform & offered him a ride in Dubai Police's luxury police patrols.

Dubai, UAE: Every individual is having a desire, some weird or real wishes; one such want was of a 4-year-old toddler in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, who wanted to feel like a police officer for a day. Boy’s wish came true after Dubai Police let him become an officer for one day. 

The police authorities paid a visit to the boy’s home, gifting him a uniform and offered him a ride in the Dubai Police’s luxury police patrols. This gesture of the Dubai police has been winning people’s hearts around the globe. 


This kind gesture by Dubai Police is a part of the “Fulfil a Child’s Wish” initiative, which holds the motive to spread a ray of positivity and joy among children of different nationalities as well as ages across the globe.  

Dubai police decided to spread happiness and surprise the 4-year-old after they came to know about the child’s wish from his parents, who were later overwhelmed by their response. 

In addition, Major Ali Youssef Yaqoub, head of the Cultural Diversity Section at the Security Awareness Department, while speaking on the eagerness of the Dubai Police authorities to strengthen the security and safety of the general public while sowing joy among them.  

Dubai police is always keen to carry numerous events and activities so as to entertain as well as educate youngsters, including Dubai Police’s mascots Mansour and Amna, luxury patrols, police dog shows, and Dubai Police Mounted show“, he furthermore added.   

About ‘Fulfil a Child’s Wish’: 

This initiative was started by the police authorities of Dubai in the year 2020 (January), which so far has been able to fulfil the wishes of thirty-four children. Under this initiative, a total of 481 children of different ages and nationalities. 


The story of the four-year-old has been spreading all over the internet, gathering a lot of appreciation for the Dubai Police officials. 



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