People in Dubai asked to monitor water consumption to avoid huge bills

Citizens and residents in Dubai are being asked to keep a check on their water consumption regularly to avoid any shock when asked to pay their water bills.

Citizens and residents in Dubai are being asked to keep a check on their water consumption regularly to avoid any shock when asked to pay their water bills.

People are urged to get a specialised technician to conduct timely checks to avoid any water leaks in residence, stated Dubai Electricity and Water Authority earlier this week.


Water pipes may expand or burst during the summer heat, and even the ones that are underground are exposed to extreme heat and temperatures.

DEWA also told an easy way to check the water consumption, which was to turn off all water taps in the home, including the dishwasher and washing machine.

Then, check the reading of the water meter. Then come back again after an hour to check the reading, if the numbers rise, it will mean that there is a leak somewhere.

DEWA said that it is responsible for may water leak in the pipe if it is before the meter. Anything after that is the responsibility of the owner or tenant of the house, and this includes commercial, residential as well as industrial sectors.

The utility provider stated that the possibility of pipe leakages could be checked via smart water meters or if the bill is more than earlier.

People can also check if there are any leaks or water spots on the floors, walls or ceiling of the residence or around the washing machine and in the Kitchen.


Leaking pipes and internal connections can cause these leaks due to a lack of maintenance.

Water tank leaks can happen due to damage to the tank body, pipes or even improper installation.

Washrooms and laundry rooms must also be checked for such leaks in the toilet water tank, washing machine hose, water heater and taps.

The issue of water leaks is much more in older villa communities where it is difficult to find a leak in underground water tanks or garden irrigation systems.

Tariq Saeed


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