UAE: Ministry of Health and Prevention records 522 new cases with no deaths from COVID19

The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention records 522 COVID-19 cases along with 539 recoveries, and no deaths were recorded on Monday, August 29 2022.

The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention records 522 COVID-19 cases along with 539 recoveries, and no deaths were recorded on Monday, August 29 2022.

The total number of Active cases of COVID19 infection is 18,842. After new covid tests, about 229,236, were done all over UAE, new patients were detected across the country.


On Monday, August 29, The total number of COVID19 patients was 1,014,387, while full recoveries stand at 993,204. The death toll now stands at 2,341.

During the fifth wave, Health experts of Hong Kong warned that New clinical features, including hoarseness and inspiratory stridor, indicate airway obstruction among children suffering from Covid-19.

According to Chuang Shuk-Kwan, director of the Communicable Diseases Division of the Center for Health Protection of the HKSAR, the Health Department had found infected children who have developed croup which further leads to inflammation of the windpipe and bronchial tubes.

During the fifth wave of COVID19, the clinical features among children differ from previous waves, said Mike Kwan Yat-wah, the consultant at the department of paediatrics and adolescent medicine at Princess Margaret Hospital.

In addition, Mike Kwan Yat-wah said that the symptoms of this wave are hoarseness and inspiratory stridor. In severe cases, these infections can produce acute obstruction of the respiratory tract and an absence of oxygen supply in the tissues of the body organs.

Meanwhile, the education sector began to go back to normal. The first regular session at schools started on Monday, August 29 2022, after two years of the Covid19 pandemic.


A new COVID19 update has been made in UAE, including that students must get PCR tests after the summer break. The students aged 12 and above are asked to bring a PCR test report before coming to the school.

The update states that students above twelve must have a PCR test report while returning to school after a long summer break.

The update includes that the PCR negative test report must not exceed ninety-six hours from the starting first day of school after the summer break.

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