Nigerian alcohol dealer arrested in Dubai after several minutes of chase

An illicit alcohol dealer has been arrested after a high-speed chase in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

An illicit alcohol dealer has been arrested after a high-speed chase in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The man from Nigeria tried to escape the police, caused damage to a vehicle of police and persisted in resisting arrest even after a police officer shot him with a dart through a Taser gun.


The details of this incident were disclosed in January 2022 in Dubai Criminal Court as the suspect was imprisoned for one year.

He was driving his car at a high speed and lost his control after colliding with a road barrier but opened the door, and police chased him.

In the testimony of Dubai Police, officers stated that the bootlegger managed to pull over near the Al Quoz industrial area for a vehicle registration check.

Initially, the suspect pulled his brown Toyota Camry over by the roadside, only to push the accelerator and speed away when the police got out of their vehicle.

The officers then chased him for many minutes at speed.

An officer said, “We were chasing him when he went between two lorries, and after surpassing the lorries, he hit the side of the patrol vehicle.”


He added that the accused was driving at high speed, due to which he lost control. He then collided with a road barrier but opened the door, and we chased and caught him by using a Taser gun.

One of the police officers also got scratches and bruises. Police discovered 847 beer cans and 234 bottles of liquor in the suspect’s vehicle.

The man stated that he had come to the Emirates in 2020 on a visit visa and was staying illegally.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged the Nigerian man with attacking and resisting police officers, risking officers’ lives, damaging a police car and owning alcohol for trading purposes.

The damage done to the police car was estimated at around Dh4,900. A judge sentenced the Nigerian to one year of imprisonment with a fine of Dh4,900 following his deportation upon his release.


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