UAE witnessing a significant decline in COVID infections and deaths

He then emphasized and said the UAE's model of handling the crisis had been appreciated at the international level. 

Abu Dhabi, UAE: The government officials of the United Arab Emirates, during a press conference on Wednesday, stated that the country is witnessing a significant decline in the COVID-19 daily infection rate as well as in COVID-19 related fatalities. 

The spokesperson of National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) – Dr Taher Al Amiri, stated, “Nowadays, there is a substantial drop in the number of infections and deaths, thanks to the wise vision and directives of the wise leadership to enhance the strategic balance between all sectors of the country regarding combating the COVID-19 pandemic, and thanks to the harmony, cooperation and integration between the concerned authorities aiming at managing the pandemic.” 


He then emphasized and said the UAE’s model of handling the crisis had been appreciated at the international level. 

Al Amiri stated, “The concerned sectors continue to monitor indicators of the epidemiological status and assess them continually to support decisions and achieve plans and indicators of recovery from the COVID-19 crisis”.  

Furthermore, speaking on the recently issued COVID-19 containment measures for Ramadan 2022, the spokesperson added, “Tents must be designed in the form of a canopy which is open from all sides or air-conditioned to be in line with the rise in temperatures.”

In relation to the above statement, he then underscored, “They must also provide all the required safety and prevention systems, and adherence to the physical distance of one metre between people, besides providing security guards or volunteers to organize the entry and exit, provide posters on all entrances and exits and to monitor banning of shaking hands.”  

As per the spokesperson, these measures might get amended according to the situation of the COVID-19 in the country. 

Concluding his statement, he said, “The responsibility is now shared, and the community has a pivotal role in preserving the gains achieved by the UAE during the pandemic and going forward to sustainable recovery”. 



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