Former Israeli PMs clash: Netanyahu sue Olmert in defamation case

On Monday, two former Israeli prime ministers appeared, for the first time, in the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court following the Netanyahu family’s libel case against Ehud Olmert.

On Monday, two former Israeli prime ministers appeared, for the first time, in the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court following the Netanyahu family’s libel case against Ehud Olmert.

Mr Netanyahus accused Olmert of “dominating efforts to harm their name in public because of deep frustration and out of jealousy”.


For Court’s proceeding, Olmert, his lawyer, and Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu, their son Yair and attorney, were in the Court.

In May, Former Netanyahu, his wife Sara and their eldest son Yair sued Mr Olmert in the case of defamation lawsuit for $269,000 (£198,000). The case was filed because Olmert claimed them “mentally ill” during two Israeli TV interviews. Based on the interviews; he gave in the wake of general elections, he was trying to regain power while standing trial on corruption charges.

For the first time, Mr Olmert told an Israeli news channel, “We cannot fix the mental illness of our Prime Minister, his wife and son. Can’t be fixed.”

During the second interview, he refused to disclaim his words. Later he was warned that he might be sued; he averted it with a laugh.

Reportedly, both sides refused to comprise, in the end, despite being urged to do so. At once, Olmert was ready to apologize for his remarks about the Netanyahu family, but he later turned away. This case will be heard by the Court again.

When Judge Amit Yariv asked Olmert about his comment, he said, “I have heard them, and people associated with them know them well. Their behaviour can be only described as abnormal and crazy behaviour.”


Netanyahu family’s attorney Yossi Cohen said that he could not understand why anyone could raise a finger on Sara Netanyahu and their son. He said, “I cannot understand how a man can claim that Sara Netanyahu was seeking treatment from a hostel. According to my eyes, the family sitting here is Israel’s finest, and they have to hear that they are “mentally ill” through a person who does not have a clean past.”


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