UAE Foreign Minister meets Russian counterpart; urges to resolve issue with Ukraine via diplomatic talks

The minister also underlined the urgent need to resolve the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine with the way of diplomatic talks. 

Abu Dhabi, UAE: The Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates – Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, stated that during his visit to the capital of Russia, both the countries held a discussion on the significance of a “stable energy markets” on Thursday, March 17, 2022. 

During his visit, UAE’s Foreign Minister met his counterpart of Russia – Sergei Lavrov. After meeting him, the foreign minister asserted, “We discussed global energy supplies and the essential goods markets as well as the importance of energy and food stability for the global economy”. 


Apart from this, the minister also underlined the urgent need to resolve the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine with the way of diplomatic talks. 

He emphasized that the United Arab Emirates have always supported every kind of bilateral attempt or negotiation talks leading towards a resolution. 

Each side in the ongoing conflict is capable of resolving the issues with a conversation, the UAE foreign minister added, while urging Russia-Ukraine to resolve the issue as soon as possible. 

Meanwhile, addressing the media personnel after the meeting, Sheikh Abdullah cited, “Securing the global food supply is considered necessary as there are a lot of countries in the world either in our region or abroad that largely depend on the import or export of grain and other basic food supplies around the world”. 

“It is important to co-operate with Russia to enhance the security of energy markets and food security. We look forward to developing relations between the UAE and Russia and diversifying the areas of interdependence between our citizens, institutions and our governments,” following the above statement, he then added.  

On the other hand, the Russian counterpart appreciated and thanked the United Arab Emirates administration for its’ balanced stance on the Ukraine crisis. 


Today is the 21st day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. So far, millions of Ukrainian nationals have fled the country, taking shelter in the neighbouring European countries.  


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