Dubai: African man lures and robs Asian man through fake advertisement on Facebook

An African ex-pat, aged 35, has been accused of luring and then robbing an Asian man through the use of social media.

An African ex-pat, aged 35, has been accused of luring and then robbing an Asian man through the use of social media.

The African man posted an advertisement on the social media platform Facebook regarding a massage centre.


The Asian man saw the fake advertisement on Facebook and went to the location that was mentioned in the ad. However, he was then assaulted and detained in an apartment in the Al Barsha area.

The African man then robbed him of his phone and wallet and also attacked him with the help of his partners.

The accused continued to attack and assault him until the Asian did not give him the pin of his bank atm card. Once the Asian provided him with that, he handcuffed him and left the apartment along with his partners.

A few hours later, all the accused came back to the apartment and left the detainee’s wallet and phone and escaped from the site.

The victim somehow managed to crawl towards his wallet as he was still handcuffed. He took out a piece of metal through which he managed to free himself. After that, he saw that the accused had withdrawn over Dh600 through his card and made six additional purchases from a store with a grand total of Dh66,000. He immediately reported the whole incident to the police.

A team of CID officials gathered all the information based on the victim’s statement and has arrested one of the accused. The other suspects are still on the run.


The African man had been sentenced to three years of imprisonment for luring and robbing an individual and has also been imposed a fine of Dh67,000.

The investigation for the other suspects is still in the process, and they will be caught soon through the help of one of the accused, who has been arrested.

Tariq Saeed


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