Dubai: Arabic woman welcomes new baby after she went into labour at airport

Dubai's Emergency services came to the help of a pregnant Ethiopian passenger who went into labour while she was waiting for her flight to go back home.

Dubai’s Emergency services came to the help of a pregnant Ethiopian passenger who went into labour while she was waiting for her flight to go back home.

The woman was travelling through Dubai International Airport along with her three kids after coming from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, when she found out that she was in labour at the airport itself. An ambulance team based at the airport instantly assisted while giving her concerns a relief as they said her children were being taken care of while she was taken to the hospital, where she gave birth to her child.


Police have not revealed the time of the event. The director of Airports Security at Dubai Police, Maj Gen Ali Atiq bin Lahej, said, “The tourist was relaxing in the transit stop at the Dubai International Airport when she went into labour.”

“Being with her three children, the woman became worried and panicked as there was no one with her to look after them and give her a helping hand.”

The airport police chief stated that the emergency ambulance services came to action instantly to provide the lady with immediate support.

He further said, “They spoke with the operation room to prepare the hospital to for an emergency childbirth, where the tourist gave birth to a healthy baby.”

“The Dubai Ambulance team managed to move the traveller to Latifa Women and Children Hospital. The Dubai Police team, joined by an employee from Emirates Airlines, provided full care for her three children and took them to the airport hotel.”

Officials then returned with the new baby and mother after her airport issue and assured her she had a safe journey back home after unexpectedly changing her plans.


The senior officer thanked Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, Emirates Airlines and Dubai Health Authority for their help during the incident.

Tariq Saeed


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