UAE sends fourth aircraft carrying relief supplies to Sudan within a week

The United Arab Emirates has sent a fourth aircraft within a week, which carried aid to help individuals impacted by flash floods in Sudan.

The United Arab Emirates has sent a fourth aircraft within a week, which carried aid to help individuals impacted by flash floods in Sudan.

A cargo including 30 tonnes of shelter materials and several other essential items arrived at Khartoum International Airport on Friday, August 2.


The staff from the UAE embassy in Khartoum, the UAE Red Crescent team and Dr Ahmed Ali Qalam from Sudan’s Ministry of Social Development were at the airport to meet the flight.

The aid was in line with the humanitarian vision of the UAE to help people in need, said the authorities.

The UAE ambassador to Sudan, Hamad Al Junaibi, stated, “This humanitarian aid comes within the framework of the historical ties linking the UAE with Sudan, and also falls within the framework of the UAE’s policy and its humanitarian mission to support impacted communities around the world via relief and humanitarian projects to help communities in need.”

Dr Qalam stated that the support would be disseminated to people in the impacted areas.

He stated, “Emirati-Sudanese ties are well-established and historical. This relief support ensures that Sudan is in the heart of the brotherly UAE, which is always foremost to help the Sudanese people in different circumstances and times.”

During the last week, the UAE opened an air bridge to send huge quantities of relief aid to Sudan.


The Red Crescent stated that it was looking over the transfer of aid supplies to Khartoum, which will be provided to over 140,000 affected individuals in many provinces.

The flight carrying first aid also includes 30 tonnes of shelter materials, which were flown to Sudan earlier on August 27.

Sudan is facing flash floods. Around 89 individuals have lost their lives since the beginning of the nation’s rainy season in May, stated an official on Tuesday.

Around 20,000 houses have been destroyed in the country, and over 30,000 are partly damaged, stated a spokesman for Sudan’s National Council for Civil Defence, Brig Gen Abdul Jalil Abdul Rahim.


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