Dubai Municipality Cracks Down on Neglected Vehicles Across Registration and Testing Centres

The campaign, which has already issued 68 vehicle clearance alerts, 38 posters, and 30 text messages, focuses on locations including Warsan, Qusais, Shamil Muhaisnah, and several others

In a proactive move to clear up long-standing issues of abandoned vehicles, the Dubai Municipality has launched a stringent campaign targeting neglected cars across nine registration and testing centers in the emirate.

With the initiative aimed at enhancing civic cleanliness and reclaiming valuable parking space, authorities have issued a series of warnings and notifications to owners of these vehicles.


The campaign, which has already issued 68 vehicle clearance alerts, 38 posters, and 30 text messages, focuses on locations including Warsan, Qusais, Shamil Muhaisnah, and several others.

According to the Dubai Municipality, the response rate has been impressive, with 95 percent of identified owners promptly addressing the issue, thus efficiently managing the situation.

Saeed Safar, Director of the Waste Operations Department at Dubai Municipality, highlighted the operational details of the campaign.

He noted that upon identifying a neglected vehicle, authorities initiate a warning period lasting between three to 15 days, contingent upon the location and condition of the vehicle. Owners of Dubai-registered vehicles receive an SMS alert.

Should the vehicle remain unclaimed after the specified period, it is towed to the impoundment yard in Al Awir. The process does provide owners with an opportunity to reclaim their vehicles before they are auctioned off.

This involves contacting the municipality to arrange for retrieval. The campaign’s monitoring team, formed in the previous month, includes representatives from the Roads and Transport Authority and a specialized company tasked with handling the seizure and disposal of abandoned vehicles and equipment, which range from light and heavy vehicles to trailers and even boats.


In emphasizing the importance of responsible vehicle ownership, the municipality urged residents to find suitable parking solutions, especially when traveling or temporarily unable to attend to their vehicles.

This proactive approach not only aims to improve the aesthetic appeal of the city but also ensures efficient utilization of public resources, such as parking spaces at registration and testing centres.

The initiative reflects Dubai’s commitment to maintaining high standards of cleanliness and orderliness across its urban landscape.

By cracking down on neglected vehicles, authorities not only address immediate safety and environmental concerns but also contribute to enhancing the overall quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

As the campaign progresses, the Dubai Municipality continues to monitor and enforce regulations rigorously, underscoring the importance of community cooperation in maintaining the city’s reputation as a clean, safe, and well-managed metropolis.

Through such initiatives, Dubai reaffirms its position as a global leader in urban management and sustainability, setting a benchmark for effective municipal governance and proactive community engagement in addressing urban challenges.


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Tariq Saeed

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