Saint Lucia: PM Philip J Pierre aware citizens against fake profile

Philip J Pierre, the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia has warned the citizens about his fake social media profiles.

Philip J Pierre, the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia has warned the citizens about his fake social media profiles. He also thanked those who brought this matter to his notice.

As cyber crimes are on the rise throughout the world, Caribbean countries are also facing the heat of cyber attacks. This creation of fake profiles of Prime Ministers is also a reflection of this growing threat.


PM Philip J Pierre took to his social media handle and wrote in a Facebook post that, “ Dear All Please note that there is a profile in my name messaging and adding contacts. Please do not accept any friend requests or private messages in my name.
Additionally, there is a letter bearing my name soliciting money that is fake. Please do not fall prey to these schemes.Thank you for bringing this nuisance to my attention.
Have a great day.”

PM Philip J Pierre also posted two images with the word “FAKE” written on them. Soon after the post of PM Philip J Pierre, social media user also expressed their concern about this wrongful act.

User Amalraj Penigilapadi commented, “I have seen this message from Machel Ck John whenever someone warns about fake accounts. I suspect this must be one of those persons creating all those fake accounts”. Giovanna Cattafi commented “So sorry for intruding, text WHITETOUCHED on Instagram regarding the fake account; he will definitely help you get who is behind the act, and he will deactivate the permanently account xx”.

Another user, Machel Ck John, while commenting, wrote that, “How long have you been hacked ,Did the hacker change the email and phone number attached to the account? Message me for quick recovery and safety”. On this comment, Amalraj Penigilpadi replied “I don’t think the a/c is hacked but it is a fake a/c”.

Similarly, many other people also demanded the strictest law against such incidents to make cyberspace safe for social media users.

Tariq Saeed


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