Tom Walcott’s death is a huge loss: PM Philip J Pierre

Philip J Pierre, the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, expressed his deep condolences on the death of Tom Walcott the former chairman of the SLP (Sanit Lucia Labour Party).

Philip J Pierre, the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, expressed his deep condolences on the death of Tom Walcott. Tom Walcott was chairman of the SLP (Sanit Lucia Labour Party). He was hospitalised and died at the age of 87 earlier this week.

PM Pierre said that the death of Tom Walcott was a huge personal loss. He said that the country has lost a worthy party soldier today.


The PM also took to social media and stated in a Facebook post that “Tom Walcott is a charismatic leader who always helped me in every aspect. He advises me whenever I need his help and at the same time he criticises me if I commit any wrong. The death of this great leader took me on a journey of fond memories, struggles, and victories”.

“From my entry into the politics of the country, his steadfast support and loyalty guided me along a path that led me to become the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, an achievement for which I am grateful that he got to witness,” the PM added.

PM further stated in a Facebook post that “Tom Walcott always believed in service to his country and his Party. He always followed the philosophy of “not what my party can do for me, but what I can do for my party” – that is how much he loved, lived and breathed for the Labour Party”.

While expressing his condolences to the family, the PM said, “I express my deep condolences to his family, friends, and the Saint Lucia Labour Party. We have lost a true and faithful soldier, Chairman Emeritus. Rest in peace, my comrade”.

Saint Lucia Labour Party also released an official statement on his death: “With great sadness, we announce the passing of Chairman Emeritus Tom Walcott. We will miss him dearly! May He Rest in Peace. ”

Social media users also mourns the death of Tom Walcott. One user Herbert Roserie commented, “Our comrade Tom has simply made a transition from the realm of mortality to that of immortality where a glorious new beginning awaits. Farewell, my friend”.

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