Businessman’s family to be compensated with Dh1.2 million as he was murdered in Dubai

A family of a businessman is to be compensated with Dh1.2 million as the man was abducted and killed five years ago in Dubai.

A family of a businessman is to be compensated with Dh1.2 million as the man was abducted and killed five years ago in Dubai.

In August 2017, the Chinese businessman was travelling to the country along with his female business partner, who, along with the help of four men, kidnapped and murdered the businessman.


The accused came to Dubai before the lady, and the victim came on August 4, 2017.

On the day of the happening, the suspect kidnapped the victim from his hotel and falsely took him in a Land Cruiser to an apartment in Jumeirah.

While representing the victim’s family, the Legal Consultant from Al Rowaas Advocates, Dr Hasan Elhais, said, “The victim and his female partner were assumed to stay in the Emirate for a few days only after they came from New Zealand and were then to travel to Portugal.”

When the victim failed to answer his son’s several calls, the son came to Dubai and reported a complaint against his missing father.

A civil case was filed as the man’s family got deprived of their provider very viciously, said Dr Elhais.

Police officers located the hotel where the man stayed during his visit, and CCTV footage from the hotel showed that he was taken to a car by a woman and four men. The whole crime was planned by the man’s female business partner.


Officers found the woman and four men guilty of the man’s disappearance but found they fled the country on August 8, 2017.

After a month, three suspects were arrested as they landed at Dubai International Airport.

Elhais said, “The civil court’s judgment stated that Dh200,000 part of the compensation amount is for the unbearable pain the man endured while being brutally attacked and for the disloyalty he must have felt from his partner.”

According to the court’s judgment, he further added that a five% interest rate would also be applied to the total amount.

“If the accuseds’ did not pay it now and wait for their release from jail to pay it, the amount would increase to Dh2.4M in total,” said Dr Elhais.

The court records further show that the woman had planned the crime to steal the victim’s money and had therefore asked him to come to Dubai.

The suspects buried the businessman’s body in a deserted area of Abu Dhabi before stealing over Dh145,000 from his bank account via bank transfers.

As per the forensics, the man died of several head, back and chest fractures as he was assaulted with solid objects.

While the woman (female business partner) and her son are still on the run, the other three suspects are serving their sentences.



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