HC grants interim relief to Malayalam actor Vijay Babu in rape charges; will not return from Dubai

The High Court of Kerala has granted interim relief to Malayalam actor Vijay Babu in the sexual assault case.

The High Court of Kerala has granted interim relief to Malayalam actor Vijay Babu in the sexual assault case.

On Tuesday, May 31, the High Court granted protection from arrest to Vijay Babu until Thursday, June 2. Vijay Babu will now not be arrested immediately after returning from UAE. He is presently in Dubai and will probably land in India on Wednesday. The court also said that it was bent to give an interim pre-arrest to the actor as he might stay abroad if his request is not considered.


Meanwhile, the actor also told the court that he would not come back to India from Dubai on June 1. The return ticket that was produced earlier by the council was dated for Monday, but it was cancelled because of the pending anticipatory bail. The court was attending an anticipatory bail plea strived by him in which he stated that the immediate arrest was an attempt to blackmail him.

The case dates back to April 22, when it was registered against Vijay Babu that he allegedly raped someone. After five days, another lawsuit was filed for identifying the survivor on a Facebook live.

Earlier, Vijay Babu was also dismissed from the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA) regarding rape charges. AMMA presented a statement back then and mentioned that the actor had written a letter to the organisation saying that he wished to stay away from the committee due to allegations levelled against him.

Vijay Babu has also sent a letter that said that he doesn’t want to bring shame to the organisation. He is an Executive Committee member amidst the allegations levelled against him.

He would remain away from the Executive Committee for the time being until his innocence is proved. AMMA discussed his letter, and it has been approved,” the statement read.


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