Dubai-based doctor, crew members of Go First saves passenger’s life on flight

A Dubai-based doctor and some crew members on a flight gathered up to save the life of a passenger who had a cardiac arrest while travelling from India to the United Arab Emirates.

A Dubai-based doctor and some crew members on a flight gathered up to save the life of a passenger who had a cardiac arrest while travelling from India to the United Arab Emirates.

During the Go First flight travelling from Kannur to Dubai, the passenger was not feeling well and asked for medical help before falling unconscious.


The crew members first calmed other passengers on the flight before looking for a doctor.

As per the airline, the passenger first shouted for help, and then the crew members immediately ran towards him, only to find him unconscious with no pulse and no breath. The cabin crew did not waste a single second, and immediately, with the help of other passengers, the casualty was put on the aft galley floor, and the crew started the cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, process.

A doctor on board, Dr Shabeer Ahmed, treated the patient with the help of two sets of automated external defibrillators (AED) shock, followed by five sets of CPR, stated the airline in a statement.

Dr Ahmed and the crew helped the patient come back to senses from the life-threatening cardiac arrest.

Dr Shabeer, a Specialist gastroenterologist at NMC Royal Hospital DIP, stated that he thought the patient was no more and the flight was about to divert to Mumbai for an emergency medical requirement. But, the patient soon regained consciousness.

“There was a nurse to help. She, the crew members, and I took turns performing CPR. It was a terrifying situation. I am grateful everything turned out all right,” stated Dr Shabeer.


The patient was immediately rushed to the hospital for further treatment upon landing.

While commending the crew, Go First honoured the doctor and crew members.

“It was definitely a flight of angels. The crew and doctor that saved the passenger’s life,” Go First stated in a Twitter post, where the airline described the incident.


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