Dubai to increase flights from India to increase footfall for Expo 2020

The United Arab Emirates has called increase the number of flights between India, noting that such a measure would help control the escalating travel costs during the ongoing Dubai Expo, which is expected to have big feet from India. .

Speaking to a selected group of reporters on Wednesday, the UAE’s envoy to India Ahmed Albanna called for the resumption of normal air services between India and the UAE, noting that the current volume of traffic under the air bubble arrangement is only 30 per cent of normal passengers. load.


“Returning to normal airline services will help reduce the escalating prices of airline tickets. Overall, it will address the difficulties that people on both sides have faced,” he said.

Albanna said his government had asked India to lift travel restrictions to the United Arab Emirates because of the ongoing Dubai Expo, but no response was still.

Since last night, 384,173 people have visited the India Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai since it was inaugurated on October 1st.

Asked about India’s concerns about the escalating crude oil prices, he said that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and the OPEC-plus countries are responsible for containing the migration.

Albanna has also listed UAE achievements in various areas over the past five decades, saying that renewable energy, information technology, education and health care will be key areas for focus over the next 50 years. “We are working closely with India in areas of artificial intelligence, IT among others besides cooperation in traditional areas of oil and gas.”

He said the United Arab Emirates had emerged as one of the fastest growing economies worldwide and that it had impressive economic evidence.



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