Residents welcome new traffic rules on The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

UAE: Residents have praised the new traffic control measures implemented on The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.

UAE: Residents have praised the new traffic control measures implemented on The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.

The Dubai authorities conducted a road safety review in the area after a Filipina dog-walker died after being hit by a minibus around the area of Shoreline 12 in February.


The incident resulted in fitting new speed cameras, protective fences, and crossings in the area to slow down traffic and make it secure for pedestrians.

The master developer of The Palm Jumeirah, Nakheel, explained the recent works as standard measures.

Motorists are asked to restrict their cars to 60 kilometres per hour by the Shoreline and Golden Mile stretches of road, which link the mainland with thousands of villas, apartments and hotels.

A resident on The Palm, Stuart Healey, said that he has seen a nanny with a pram almost getting knocked down by a car, and his wife was nearly hit a week ago by a reversing delivery van.

In spite of the improvements, some residing in the area have called for more activity before a busy season of winter tourism.

An instructor at Move on Yoga, who has lived on The Palm for five years, Carla Julian, said that the safety measures have improved traffic, but vehicles are still speeding.


Nakheel Mall and many new hotels have further surge in traffic along Shoreline recently.

Road safety is a high priority for those residing on The Palm, especially those with young families.

A British mother of two, Mandy Sanger, who has resided on The Palm for around three years, stated close misses with pedestrians, and over-speeding vehicles had become a regular instance.

The UAE has always invested heavily to lessen the number of road deaths during recent years, raising the number of speed cameras, fines as well as priority crossings for pedestrians around different parts of the nation.


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