Pakistani fraudster in Dubai duped jobless people of Dh30,000 ($8,167)

A fraudster in Dubai who set up a rogue recruitment agency to trick several jobseekers of over Dh30,000 ($8,167) has been sentenced to three years of imprisonment.

A fraudster in Dubai who set up a rogue recruitment agency to trick several jobseekers of over Dh30,000 ($8,167) has been sentenced to three years of imprisonment.

The man from Pakistan put advertisements on social media to attract unwitting victims, most of which were African nationals, with the promise of providing them with the work of a security guard.


He also hired two females, unaware of the fact that he is frauding people, to help run the company as part of his scheme.

The Dubai Criminal Court heard that 25 people paid a total of Dh32,000 as hiring fees for jobs that never existed, with the fraudster striving to trick hundreds more.

As per official records, one of the employees in the company said they didn’t know about his plans. He always asked us to get the recruitment fees from people before completing a contract. He told me that we were required to recruit over 500 people.

The offences took place for over six days in July 2021.

One of the victims stated that he had seen a social media advertisement offering security guard positions.

The victim said in court that he called the number in the post, and they asked him to come for an interview.


He went to the company, presented his documents and qualifications and also paid Dh1,500 to complete the process.”
He stated the company gave him a receipt and told him that his job would be in Ajman.

But on arrival, he was told further there was no vacancy left.

He then returned to the fake recruitment company in Al Rashidiya, Dubai and witnessed several others who had gone through similar situations asking for refunds.

Both the employees tried to call the fraudster to tell him about the situation but were unable to reach him.

The victims called Dubai Police, who called for an investigation which led to the arrest of a Pakistani national.

Records disclosed that he came to the UAE two years earlier and got registered as a commercial company.

He was charged with illegally acquiring money and defrauding people.

He was ordered with a fine of Dh32,000 and three years of prison.


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