Cabin crew ties unstable passenger to seat over creating panic in plane to Dubai

The cabin crew of an airline was forced to restrain a passenger to his seat by tying him when he became unruly and kicked an aircraft window while the plane was mid-air to Dubai.

The cabin crew of an airline was forced to restrain a passenger to his seat by tying him when he became unruly and kicked an aircraft window while the plane was mid-air to Dubai.

Pakistan International Airlines stated that the incident occurred shortly after take-off from Peshawar on Flight PK283 on September 14.


The Airbus A320 had around 160 passengers on board, and it was after take-off that the man, aged 21, started praying loudly and stretched out in the passageway.

Crew members attempted to calm him down but were forced to secure him after he went violent.

A spokesman for PIA, Abdullah Khan, said, “He appeared pretty OK when he went via the check-in counters and immigration.”

He had a return ticket and was visiting Dubai on a visit visa.

He suddenly became violent, got into the passageway, laid down his chest, and stated that he was giving prayers.

The crew asked him to sit down but then kicked the plane’s window.


Then the crew knew that he was not in his right state of mind, and due to that, he was in such a state and became violent, and according to the rules, he was secured to his seat.

The pilot then told ground staff they required security assistance for a disorderly passenger.

As the plane landed in Dubai, a member of the security team took him out and possibly analysed him and stated he should be deported on the next flight to Pakistan.

The man was from Mardan city in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and was visiting Dubai to meet his father, who works in the city.

His father accompanied him on his way back to Pakistan.

Peshawar’s Airport security registered a report and handed him over to his family, after which he was taken to a doctor who checked him and diagnosed him as unstable.


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