Dubai Exhibition at Museum Hub illuminates biography of late queen

No sooner had the news of Queen Elizabeth II's departure been announced than the world was full of him, to turn into a topic of people's talk, especially those who followed the details of her life, rule and news as well.

Dubai: No sooner had the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s departure been announced than the world was full of him, to turn into a topic of people’s talk, especially those who followed the details of her life, rule and news as well.

Among these was the founder of “Museum Hub”, Nasser Suleiman, who had previously initiated Organizing an integrated exhibition in one of the corners of the complex located under the roof of the Mirfa Market in Dubai.


With the death of the Queen, the exhibition dedicated to her has become a destination for visitors to the place, asking them to look at the journey through the souvenirs and collectables she refers to and the historical ties that brought together the United Arab Emirates and Britain, where Suleiman was keen in his exhibition to highlight this relationship through a set of photos that emphasize the depth of the relationship between the two countries, in addition to placing a group of his possessions, some of which are related to the Queen and others to Britain, through which history can be read.


Old bells dating back to the 1940s were set in the centre of the exhibition, which opens its doors to the public today, while its walls are decorated with historical pictures of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, with Queen Elizabeth II.

And other historical photos of the late Queen, some dating back to 1977, when a quarter of a century was celebrated since she assumed power, and others dating back to 2012 on the occasion of the 6 decades of the late Queen’s accession to the throne in Britain, and books narrating the Queen’s biography and documenting her reign, written in English and many more. From the holdings owned by Nasser Suleiman.

Nasser Suleiman told Al-Bayan: “The news of the departure of Queen Elizabeth II was a surprise to all of us, and she is the second longest-reigning woman in history in the world after her reign exceeded seven decades.”

He added: “Through this exhibition, we sought to review the historical relations that unite the Emirates and Britain, which were founded by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, and Queen Elizabeth II. These relations have gained special importance in many axes and have become a role model.”


He pointed out that the exhibition gives visitors to the Museum Hub the opportunity to learn about some of the features of this relationship, in addition to taking a special look at some of the historical holdings that belong to Britain.

He says: “These holdings hide many stories, as they document very important occasions, as is the picture of Queen Elizabeth II, which was issued on the occasion of the quarter century since her assumption of power. And the husband of the late Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away in April 2021.

It is noteworthy that the Museum Hub, a museum complex comprising 50 museums, provides its visitor with a journey through time, touring it in fifty years and documenting the history of the United Arab Emirates. They are opposite, resembling markets in the old residential neighbourhoods, and their lanes were called streets, bearing the names of personalities and symbols in the history of the Emirates.


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