Crown Prince of Dubai passes resolution to align ICT strategies

The Crown Prince of Dubai has passed a resolution to align the ICT strategies of the government entities to push forward digital transformation and reduce risks.

The Crown Prince of Dubai has passed a resolution to align the ICT strategies of the government entities to push forward digital transformation and reduce risks.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), including Dubai, has invested hugely in digital transformation. Last year, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce went entirely online, saving the entity AED11 million, money that was previously spent on buying paper.


Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of The Executive Council of Dubai and Crown Prince of Dubai, has passed the executive resolution on Friday, 15 April, to assure maximum usage of existing infrastructure, data and services. It also seeks to develop methods that will provide ICT compatibility and integration at the government level.

As per the Resolution, Digital Dubai Authority (DDA), in collaboration with appropriate government entities, will make policies over all areas related to acquiring the government’s goals for digital transformation, including the ICT yearly budget of government entities; data centres and the Government of Dubai’s cloud services; shared digital services of government entities, among other areas.

The Director-General of DDA is permitted to consent to the policies introduced in accordance with the Resolution and their amendments.

Policies that have been consented must be posted on the official website of the Authorities.

As per the Resolution, DDA is entrusted with looking over the implementation of the policies around various stages.

The Authority is also charged with designing regular reports that are to be shared with The Executive Council on the adherence of government entities towards these policies.


The city has been working towards becoming a smart city, providing more government services through apps, installing Internet of Things technology all around various sectors, and increasingly integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into the metropolis and its services.

The Resolution is working from its issuance date and will be published in the Official Gazette.


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