Dubai to charge people for plastic bags over environmental concerns

Using a plastic bag will cost around 25-fil (6 cents) to the citizen of the city-state of Dubai from July 1, 2022, as the sheikhdom has decided this on Monday, February 8, 2022.

Using a plastic bag will cost around 25-fil (6 cents) to the citizen of the city-state of Dubai from July 1, 2022, as the sheikhdom has decided this on Monday, February 8, 2022.

Due to environmental concerns, the government wants to achieve Plastic’s proper disappearance from Dubai with the illegalizing it in the coming two years, as per the authorities.


While signifying the ban on Plastic for other life forms, the government stressed that Plastic has caused a surge in the death rate among camels and turtles and cited,” By changing the mindset and behaviour of the society so that they could work in a way to reduce the environmental issues, the sustainability could be achieved at the global level”.

As per the executive council of the emirate, the charge on the use of plastic bad would be imposed on the items such as retail clothing, restaurants, delivery orders, e-commerce orders as well as pharmacies.

Furthermore, it has also been divided into different stages, which includes that single-use plastic bags would be completely banned in two years.

In the wake of reducing the use of plastic bags, various grocery stores in the skyscraper-studded city are encouraging people to use reusable bags while shopping.

Earlier, the Executive Council of Dubai has conducted a survey on the use of plastic bad, which shows that the businessman in the sheikhdom has reduced the use of plastic bags very efficiently. Almost 100 percent of businesses have supported the imposition of the total ban on the use of plastic bags and also urged the government to implement a charge on its use.

Further, the survey has also shown that about 85 percent of the resident of Unite Arab Emirate would support the government’s move regarding Plastic, and people have also agreed upon the segregation of the waste at their homes.


Moreover, in 2019, Dubai Airport has also implemented the ban on the use of Plastic and limited plastic cutlery, drinking straws, takeaway food packaging and polythene bags from the airport.

Tariq Saeed

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