Dubai court announces 2 yr imprisonment to Asian man for stalking & blackmailing ex-girlfriend

Dubai Criminal Court announced a ruling of two years of imprisonment to a 34-year-old Asian man who blackmailed his ex-girlfriend with personal photos of theirs.

Dubai, UAE: Dubai Criminal Court announced a ruling of two years of imprisonment to a 34-year-old Asian man who blackmailed his ex-girlfriend with personal photos of theirs.

As per the reports, the man stole the phone of his ex-girlfriend from which he uploaded their intimate pictures on social media, blackmailing her into continuing their relationship. He even sent pictures to the woman’s husband and brother on Whatsapp.


The victim filed a police report of the stolen phone in July 2021, from where the case and interrogation revealed that her ex-boyfriend was blackmailing her and was behind stealing the phone.

She further revealed that her ex-boyfriend was forcing her to remain in the relationship despite her marriage, to which she refused several times, asking him not to contact her again ever. After this conversation, the man forwarded the intimate pictures of them to the family members of the woman.

Meanwhile, the husband of the woman, while in conversation with the media house, noted that he was quite shocked and surprised to see the pictures which he received from her wives’ contact while she was with him only. Lady’s husband further interrogated and came to know that her wife’s mobile phone had been stolen by her ex-partner, after which he immediately informed the police authorities.

Soon after being detained by the police officials, the accused accepted the allegations and admitted his crime in court.

These types of cases are quite frequent for the women, where they get blackmailed by the ex-partners with pictures and the other stuff. Stalking and blackmailing are the main and crucial issues which need to be dealt with soon by the government’s of the countries worldwide.

Numerous cases have been seen where women even try to attempt suicide and get harras mentally in such types of blackmailing and stalking cases.



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