UAE Residents Face Record Schengen Visa Rejections, Losing Dh16.8 Million in 2023

In 2023, UAE residents faced challenges in traveling to Europe, with Dh16.8 million (€4.19 million) lost on rejected Schengen visa applications. A report indicated a 22.44% denial rate, reflecting a 25% increase from the previous year

Surge in UAE and Saudi Arabia Tech Hiring as European Talent Looks East

According to a study conducted by workforce solutions and recruitment company Hays, Eastern and Southern Europe are emerging as key sources of IT talent for UAE-based firms, especially for roles related to data, infrastructure, and cybersecurity

The High Cost of Low Prices: Undercutting leads to Citizenship Delays

These lower prices can lead to longer wait times and might extend to forever. Essentially, if the cost of a citizenship by investment program seems unusually cheap, there's a high likelihood that it's a scam


Harvesting begins in Jammu and Kashmir’s Gajnisu Sector, signalling peace and stability

The beginning of wheat harvesting has begun on the international border in the Gajnisu sector of Jammu. Kashmir is a real sign of peace and stability in the region.

Dubai’s One Za’abeel Clinches Guinness World Record for ‘Longest Cantilevered Building’ with ‘The Link’ Concourse

Developed under the vision of the Investment Corporation of Dubai, The Link's completion in two phases over a mere 16 days stands as a testament to Dubai's unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence

The Weeknd opens up about his Dark Persona and Quitting Drugs!

The globally famous singer The Weeknd has had some perceptions made about him based on his music and his personality. Finally, the singer opened...

Dubai signs agreement with Singapore to enhance its transportation system

Dubai city of the United Arab Emirates is aspiring assistance from the Singapore government to support the Middle East country in improving the public transportation system of the city.

Dubai Court sentences Asian man to three years of prison for brutally stabbing girlfriend

An ex-pat, aged 33, has been sentenced by an Asian man to three years of imprisonment in Dubai for stabbing his girlfriend while she was sleeping.

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Ernest Hilaire congratulates awardees of Gimies 2024, lauds their contribution

Dr Ernest Hilaire extended wishes to the winners of the “The Gimies- Saint Lucia Tourism Awards” which was held on Saturday.

Dubai Tourist Police familiarise Anantara World Islands Employees with Security Services

Dubai: Coinciding with World Tourism Day, the Dubai Tourist Police Department organised a lecture to raise the awareness of the Anantara World Islands Resort...

Arctic Triumph: UAE Ultramarathoner Conquers Coldest Race, Makes Arab History

Expert athlete Ahmed Husain Al Katheeri finished third in the Yukon edition, one of the most difficult races in the Arctic conditions, held in the final week of February, despite suffering from hallucinations, sleep deprivation, and temperatures as low as -43 degrees

Egypt records 2,117 fresh COVID cases with 56 deaths

Cairo, Egypt: The middle east country has recorded a total of 2,117 new infections of the contagious COVID-19 virus on Tuesday, February 15, 2022....

UAE eases COVID measures; Cinema halls to operate with 100% seating capacity from today

Dubai: In public places and events occurring in the United Arab Emirates, the government of the middle east country has started easing the COVID-19...