Local Traveller and Cyclist “Hels on Wheels” cycled 133km on her 275th cycling day

Hels on Wheels daily vlogger and hobo cyclist is a local traveller and is currently on her tour to explore small towns across the Middle East.

Hels on Wheels daily vlogger and hobo cyclist is a local traveller and is currently on her tour to explore small towns across the Middle East.

She shares her cycling experiences with the small daily through her vlogs and Facebook posts.


On her 275th cycling day, Hels on Wheels 133km (68756 km) to the small town of Abu Dhabi.

PC: Hels on Wheels Facebook

While sharing her experience, she wrote:-

Crashing around Carly’s apartment, trying to be silent, I left early enough to cross the dangerous bridge before rush hour and arrive at the Saudi embassy at 09:00. I’d been instructed I must cancel my incorrect visa here and reapply.

As a woman, I was shuffled to the front of the lengthy queue, and so I arrived at the window very quickly. But the man I met with dismissed me; either he didn’t want to help or saw no problem, instructing me to proceed to the border..

PC: Hels on Wheels Facebook


After a quick stop at one of Abu Dhabi’s many bottle shops and a lengthier stop at an enormous mall searching for stove fuel, I was finally on my way to the border.

The back road through an industrial, which was supposed to continue along the coast, ended at a wire fence, so I returned to the motorway. At least outside of Abu Dhabi, there are fewer dangerous exits; the shoulder is wide and smooth, and I was making good progress with just a light crosswind.

I continued on past my 100km minimum mark to a busy service station where a policeman/ security guard authorised camping at the preside of the mosque.

Realising that I shouldn’t be drinking my wine here, I found a sheltered spot over the road in the sand. Several men came over to meet me as I set up, including a pair, one of which shouted me dinner, the other who shook my hand with a note in it.

To my amazement, when I looked after they’d left, it was 1000 Dirham!!! (AU$400 / ¬£250!!) coincidentally that covers the cost of my Hayya card and Saudi visa if all else fails..

Tariq Saeed


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